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Products & Services

Bulk Fuels

Fuel. On time. On the money.

We understand that you need fuel to run your business efficiently. That means a few things, including competitive prices, reliable, on-time delivery, hassle-free billing, and administration. We offer Esso branded diesel and gasoline products to large and small industrial, commercial, and fleet businesses as well as Avgas and Jet fuels for aviation.


Fuel direct to your fleet.

Fuelex Energy can deliver directly to your fleet or equipment with our mobile on-site refuelling service. Our size enables us to provide flexible, reliable, on-time delivery to meet the varied needs of our clients. Wheel to wheel fuel delivery not only helps save time and increase productivity, it is also one of the safest and most reliable ways to get fuel delivered.


Fuelex Energy has one of the largest Cardlock networks in Greater Vancouver with access to over 1,000 Key-to-the-Highway locations across Canada and the US! Commercial fuel services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where ever you need it. That’s convenience.

View Esso travel centre and cardlock locations


Our lubricants are formulated to provide maximum protection and extend equipment life so you can improve productivity and reduce costs. We sell our Mobil lubricants in all package sizes and bulk with pick-up locations across our network. Visit the Mobil website, our Product Data Sheet, and Safety Data Sheet to learn more.

Fuel Management

Fuel expertise at work for you.

Our comprehensive suite of end-to-end fuel management solutions lets you focus on your core business.

We offer electronic proof of delivery, on-site into equipment refueling and powerful online reporting so you can track and analyze your fuel consumption down to each piece of equipment. We also offer tank inventory monitoring and card reader systems – for customers with onsite fuel storage.

Storage Tanks

Buy or lease. Your full fuel support system.

Fuelex can provide fuel storage tanks and supporting equipment to give you control and security to ensure your fuel is safely stored. With your own fuel tank, you are in control of how much fuel is used and available for your operations. With our electronic monitoring, Fuelex can remotely monitor your tank levels to ensure that you never run out. Contact us today to find out what type of tank solution could work for you.

Work with Us

Fuelex is growing because we have a great team and we intend to keep growing in our current business segments and in new geographies and business lines. If you possess a strong, team-oriented work ethic with a huge desire to learn and grow then we are looking for you!
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